For a Helorecovery different scenarios are possible. All require special recovery skills.

The best known Helorecovery is done with a rope ladder. The people who are extracted form a swimmer line. The helicopter comes in at low altitude and moves down the line while each operator links his arm around the ladder and hauls himself up. The operator climbs up the ladder to enter the helicopter. At the same time the helicopter moves towards the next operator.

A less known Helorecovery method is the active boat recovery. During this manoeuvre the boat comes in fully loaded and at full speed. A Chinook helicopter is hovering above the water surface. When the rubber boat is close the Chinook dips it tail into the water flooding the cargo area. The Zodiac moves in retracting the motor just in time. When the boat is fully onboard the Chinook extracts itself from the water and flies off. This manoeuvre requires a lot of coordination between the helicopter pilot the load master in the cargo area of the helicopter and the boat operators.

Video: Helicopter SEAL recovery

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