Low Altitude No Opening (LANO)

For Low Altitude No Opening or LANO insertion special skills are required. This technique can be performed in any soft sand desert or even in soft packed snow. The people who are inserted with much experience in LANO insertions may perform it in other types of terrain as well but the difficulty level is generally higher.

It is performed by having an aircraft fly at about 3 metres altitude and as slow as it possibly can. The troops then jump out of the aircraft into the soft sand or soft packed snow. There is only one skill roll that need to be made when an inserted person performs a LANO insertion and that is when they land. To land properly during the LANO insertion is an average LANO skill roll. If the insertion is being done in a different type of terrain than sand or snow then the difficulty of the roll will be increased. LANO jumps cannot be performed in forest, jungle, or similar terrain due to the fact that they will slam into trees or other objects almost surely resulting in serious injury. If a failure occurs during landing then the person who is inserted will receive damage to his legs from a rough landing. A critical failure can occur while using this technique.

The LANO insertion technique was developed during World War II as a substitute for parachute drops on a possible hot drop zone.

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