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1 Syntagma Katadromon (1ο ΣΚ)

motto: O Tolmon Nika (Who Dare Wins)

1 Syntagma Katadromon - 1ο ΣΚ
Members of 1 Syntagma Katadromon on patrol. (Source: unknown.)
1 Syntagma Katadromon - 1ο ΣΚ - badge
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Unit Profile

The 1 Syntagma Katadromon or SKD (1 Commando Regiment) is the Greek Army land commando Unit. It consists of 3 Raiding Squadrons, all of which are based in Macedonia. The first squadron, the Beta Mira Katadromon or BMK was raised in January 1947. The Delta Mira Katadromon or DMK was established at the port city of Volos, Thessaly in December 1947 and operated in all regions of Greece during the Civil War. It is based at Rendina. Epsilon Mira Katadromon or EMK was formed in April 1949 and took part in Civil War operations until December 1949. The Squadron is based at Drama. When the Lohos Oreinon Katadromon or LOK (Mountain Commando Companies) were dissolved in 1965 the units were united under 1st Tactical Commando. This was in 1967 renamed in the 1 Syntagma Katadromon 1 SKD, the 1st Raiding Regiment is the spearhead of the Greek Raiding Forces.


  • Long range reconnaissance
  • Direct Action
  • Combat Search And Rescue

Raised and Disbanded

  • Raised: Beta Mira Katadromon January 1947
  • Raised: Delta Mira Katadromon December 1947
  • Raised: Epsilon Mira Katadromon April 1949
  • Raised: 1 Tactical Commando 1965
  • Raised: 1 Syntagma Katadromon 1967


  • Headquarters
  • Beta Mira Katadromon (BMK)
  • Delta Mira Katadromon (DMK)
  • Epsilon Mira Katadromon (EMK)


  • Macedonia

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