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13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon

motto: O Tolmon Nika (Who Dare Wins)

13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon
13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon. (Source: unknown.)
1 Syntagma Katadromon - 1ο ΣΚ - badge

Unit Profile

13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon is the Greek Special Forces Amphibious Force. The unit was formally known as 13 Syntagma Amfivion Katadromon.

The Greek Army recognised the need for a such a special forces unit after the tensions between Greece and Turkey over the sovereignty of the Greek-populated Aegean islands started to rise, and the formation of the Turkish Fourth Army (an amphibious "training" army) on the Asia Minor coastline adjacent to Greece.


  • Long range reconnaissance
  • Direct Action

Raised and Disbanded

  • Raised: Gamma Mira Katadromon or GMK, 1963
  • Raised: Alpha Amfivia Mira Katadromon or AAMK, 1974
  • Raised: 13 Syntagma Amfivion Katadromon or 13 SAKD, 1988
  • Reorganised: 13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon, 2001


  • Regimental Headquarters
  • Alpha Mira Amfivia Katadromon or A MAK
  • Gamma Mira Amfivia Katadromon or G MAK


  • Macedonia


The 13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon was raised as the 13th Infantry Regiment in 1913 when with the temporary structure of the Greek Army (1913) and by law 85 of 29th November of the same year, structure bases were set until voting for the permanent form. In accordance with the Royal Decree of December 23rd 1913 was issued, which defined the infantry’s formation of 42 Regiments, five of which Evzonon (Ευζώνων) and three of Cretans (Κρητών). More specific:

  • each regiment would have three battalions two of which would be active;
  • each battalion would have two companies (of three platoons) and one machine gun platoon.

Those regiments would be distributed in fourteen divisions (Ι to ΧΙV) each of three regiments each. The 13th Infantry Regiment worked together with the 27th and 28th Infantry Regiments and XΙ Mountain Artillery Unitand was placed under the command of the XI Infantry Division of C΄ Army Corps, based in Thessalonica. There are no other historical facts for the 13th Infantry Regiment during 1913 – 1919.

1920 – 1921

On February 10th 1920 according with the order 1720/17-2-1920 from the General HQ, the formation of 13th Infantry Regiment was ordered. Command and organisation were assigned to colonel Kalkanis Nikolaos. The regiment would consist of three infantry battalions.

In mid April the regiment’s formation was complete and on May 9th it was transported to Xanthi. In Xanthi the regiment was placed under the Xanthi Division and was ready for assignments.

On May 21st 1920 the 13th Infantry Regiment was moved to Didimoticho for securing the area and uplifting the moral of Greek residents.

In the second half of June the Regiment was moved by steamboats and landed in Chanak Kale and placed under British HQ command. It stayed there until July 1st 1920, tasked with strengthening the British occupation in defending the Dardanelles and anti guerrilla operations.

The regiment was transported from the July 1st till July 10th and assembled in Soufli together with the rest of Xanthi Division in preparation of crossing Evros river.

After a successful crossing near thhe village of Kara Bunar on July 10th the regiment attacked Kalikoi defended by Turkish units. The next two days, after capturing the city of Uzun Qisprou, 13th Infantry Regiment advanced to the Azantli area and captured Andrianoupolis where it stayed for rest. On July 14th it continued its advance to 40 Ecclesies to relieve segments of Smyrna Division.

In April 1921 the 13th Infantry Regiment along with the other division units was moved from Thrace to Asia to take part in the combat operations. After that date there is no other information until 1923.

1923 - 1940

Following the end of the Asian campaign (1919 - 1923) the 13th Infantry Regiment regrouped and functioned as active element of the ΧΙ Infantry Division based in Kilkis (central Macedonia region).

In 1935 it was renamed 65th Infantry Regiment (active).

1940 – 1941

During the General Mobilisation of October 28th 1940, the 13th Infantry Regiment was regrouped in Thessalonica. On November 16th it assembled in Kali Brisi – Mesovraxos and from November 21st 1940 till the February 5th 1941 participated in offensive operations of the Greek Army towards Erseka – Gierkova – Dobrusa (North of Apsous river) under XI Infantry Division. Between February 6th 1941 and April 2nd 1941 the unit was stationed defensively in Mali Spandarit where it took part in local operation and then regrouped.

On April 3rd it was replaced and put into reserve in the Ronden area. On the April 7th 1941 it was moved to the Mourgani bridge, Orthovuni village, in Katara and on April 17th 1941 to Metsovo.

After the truce was signed on April 20th 1941 and the capitulation to the Germans (23rd April) became a fact the Regiment surrendered its arms and the next day started demobilising. Finally in May 4th 1941 the remaining men were transported to Larisa where the Regiment officially disbanded.

1941 – 1944

During the occupation of Greece by German, Italian and Bulgarian troops the 13th Guerrilla Regiment was formed by the resistance group “Panhellenic Liberation Organization” (Πανελλήνιον Απελευθερωτικήν Οργάνωσιν) operating in the Kilkis area.

1944 - now

The history as a special forces unit started actually started in 1963, when Gamma Mira Katadromon or GMK of the Lohos Oreinon Katadromon or LOK (Mountain Commando Company) was re-formed as an Amphibious Raiding Squadron, Gamma Amfivia Mira Katadromon or GAMK. Alpha Squadron (AMK) was re-activated in 1968, and after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, also re-formed as the amphibious unit Alpha Amfivia Mira Katadromon or AAMK. Both Squadrons were placed under the command of the 13 Syntagma Amfivion Katadromon (13th Amphibious Raiding Regiment) in 1988. In 2001 13 Syntagma Amfivion Katadromon (13th Amphibious Commando Regiment was regrouped in brigade form and renamed 13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon (13th Special Forces Directorate).



  • Gamma Mira Amfivia Katadromon


  • Gamma Mira Amfivia Katadromon
  • Alpha Mira Amfivia Katadromon


13 Syntagma Amfivion Katadromon

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • Gamma Mira Amfivia Katadromon
  • Alpha Mira Amfivia Katadromon


13 Syntagma Amfivion Katadromon

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • Gamma Mira Amfivia Katadromon
  • Alpha Mira Amfivia Katadromon


13 Diefthinsi Eidikon Epichiriseon

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • Gamma Mira Amfivia Katadromon
    • 2 ETE
    • 3 ETE
    • 4 ETE
  • Alpha Mira Amfivia Katadromon
    • 5 ETE
    • 6 ETE

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