Special Operations Forces

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United States of America (USA)
 1st Special Service Force. A joint World War II American-Canadian commando unit.
 1st Special Operations Wing (1st SOW). US Air Force Special Operations Aviation Unit.
 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), 160th SOAR (A). US Army Special Forces aviation support unit. Also known as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (I 60th SOAR). It engages in covert operations and ferries Delta Force and other special operations units around. The I 60th SOAR is nicknamed "Night Stalkers" because it does most of its work at night.
 352nd Special Operations Group, 352nd SOG. US Air Force Special Operations unit.
 353rd Special Operations Group, 353rd SOG. US Air Force Special Operations unit.
 Accident Response Group (ARG). A volunteer unit of the US Department Of Energy that responds to nuclear accidents.
 Air Force Special Forces Command (AFSOC). Special Forces command of the U.S. Air Force.
 Alamo Scouts. Reconnaissance unit for the U.S. Sixth Army in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II.
 Asymmetric Warfare Group.
 Anti-Terrorist Assistance (ATA). A program operated by the US State Department to train foreign law enforcement agencies in counterterrorism techniques. The U.S. Marshals Service SOG provides the tactical training at its Tactical Center in Louisiana.
 Anti-Terrorist Alert Center (ATAC). Located in Washington, D.C., and operated by the Navy, the center monitors terrorist activities worldwide and sends out alerts of impending attacks.
 Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and Firearms. A federal agency that controls the movement of these three controlled items, as well as explosives.
 Counter-Assault Team (CAT). U.S. Secret Service's Special Forces Unit.
 Counter-Sniper Team (CST). U.S. Secret Service's Counter-Sniper Team.
 Counterterrorism Center (CTC). Centre staffed and operated by the US CIA, the centre monitors the whereabouts and actions of terrorists worldwide.
 Chemical & Biological Defense Command (CBDCOM). A US Army command whose units respond to chemical and biological incidents.
 Chemical/Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF). A US Marine Corps unit specialised in Chemical and Biological incidents.
 Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG). A component of the US FBI that oversees the deployment of the Hostage Rescue Team and negotiators to crises.
 Delta Force. 1st SFOD-D (A). US Army Special Forces Counter Terrorism Unit.
 Detachment One (MCSOCOM Det 1). Special Forces unit of the US Marine Corps.
 Development Group (DevGroup). The new name for SEAL Team Six. Devgroup is the SEALS counterterrorism unit. Also known as the Jedi after the movie Star Wars. This nickname is based on the uniforms and equipment the unit wears. Another nickname for this unit is the Mob.
 El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC). Centre operated by the US DEA, EPIC tracks and interdicts the movement of drugs, aliens, and weapons. Numerous federal agencies participate at EPIC, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Customs Service.
 Fleet Antiterrorist Security Team (FAST). A US Marine Corps Antiterrorist Security unit.
 Force Reconnaissance.
 Grey Fox. US Intelligence Support Activity Unit. The unit was established by the Pentagon to work as man hunters, assassins and deep penetration agents.
 Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). A US FBI unit that responds to terrorist and similar high-risk incidents.
 Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). A component of the U.S. Special Operations Command headquartered at Pope AFB that oversees the employment of DevGroup, SFOD-D, and 160th SOAR.
 Marine Expeditionary Unit-Special Operations Capable (MEU/SOC). A specially trained and equipped unit of the US Marine Corps that conducts unconventional warfare and hostage recovery.
 Marine Force Recon. U.S. Marines reconnaissance unit.
 National Command Authority (NCA). The top-level of America's military chain-of-command, which consists of the President and the Secretary of Defense.
 Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST). A US Department of Energy unit that locates nuclear devices and weapons.
 Seaspray. Joint Army-CIA covert aviation unit, that is able to quickly and secretly transport agents and operators, materials and during covert operations.
 Shadow Stalkers. Nickname for the USMS Special Operations Group. It comes from the fact that the unit hunts dangerous fugitives (a.k.a. shadows), as well as waits in the shadows of federal courthouses during high-profile cases to thwart terrorist attacks.
 Special Allied Airborne Reconnaissance Force. World War II airborne unit created to parachute into the vicinity of POW camps with which it was desired to make early contact, thus possibly pre-empting many potential problems.
 Special Boat Team 22 (SBT-22). Specifically designed for the clandestine insertion and extraction of Navy SEALs and other special operations forces along the shallow waterways and open water environments.
 Special Operations Command (SOCOM). U.S. combined Special Forces Headquarters.
 Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). A US police unit that is trained and equipped to handle special, high-risk incidents. Most US law enforcement agencies and military bases have SWAT teams.
 Task Force 5. US SOCOM unit formed of members of the US Special Forces. Operated in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2003.
 Task Force 11.
 Task Force 20. US SOCOM unit formed of members of the US Special Forces. Operated in Iraq from the beginning of the war in March 2003 until July 2003.
 Task Force 121. US SOCOM unit formed of members of the US Special Forces. Primary mission is hunt, capture or kill high target persons.
 Task Force Ranger. Task Force Ranger was a US SOCOM unit formed of members of the US Special Forces. Operated in Somalia in 1993.
 US Army Intelligence Support Activity. The unit is tasked to collect actionable intelligence in advance of missions by other US special operations forces, especially Delta Force and DEVGRU in counter-terrorist operations.
 US Marine Corps. Specialised amphibious assault force of the US Army.
 US Navy EOD. United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal.
 US Secret Service (USSS). Close protection unit (body guard unit) of the President of the United States.
 US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). A unified command established in 1987 and headquartered at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida. lt has overall operational command of military special operations forces.
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