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DEVGRU - SEAL Team Six (ST6)

United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG)

Bodyguards from DEVGRU pictured during the 2002 assassination attempt on Afghan President, Hamid Karsai.
[Photo: US DoD.]
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Unit Profile

The Naval Special Warfare Development Group, located in Little Creek, VA., is commanded by a Navy Captain (O-6). It is a major component command of the Naval Special Warfare Command. The Naval Special Warfare Development Group provides centralised management for the test, evaluation, and development of current and emerging technology applicable to Naval Special Warfare forces. This command also develops maritime ground and airborne tactics for Naval Special Warfare and possible Department of Defense-wide application. Administrative control is with Naval Special Warfare Command.

The Naval Special Warfare Development Group, (DEVGRU) "Dev Group" was formally known as SEAL Team 6. The name was primarily chosen to confuse the Soviet intelligence to the number of SEAL teams that were operational. SEAL team Six was disbanded in the mid 1990's, after Richard Marcinko, the original commander of SEAL Team 6 published a series of books that outlined the history and purpose of the original Team. The U.S. Navy claims that Naval Special Warfare Development Group was formed to create, test, and evaluate new tactics, weapons, and equipment.

The Group however is considered to be is the Navy's equivalent to Delta Force. Dev Group is responsible for counter-terrorist maritime operations. The unit is therefore trained for naval close quarter battle.

The Naval Special Warfare Development Group is thought to consist of around 200-400 operators and support personnel and is based near Little Creek, Virginia. The men are divided into three combat teams and three support teams.

These teams are:

  • Red (Assault Team)
  • Gold (Premier Assault Team)
  • Blue (Assault Team)
  • Gray (Transport team)
  • Black (Reconnaissance team)
  • Green (New personnel team)

Gold is considered to be the premier assault team with red and blue as the back-up teams. Gray team is the transportation unit containing the SEAL Delivery Vehicles and boats used to transport the assault teams. Black team is considered the Reconnaissance unit of the DEVCRU Green Team consists of the new operators who have just joined DEVGRU and are in training. Each operator inside a team has a specialty, but all are experts in underwater and HALO insertion.

Rumours go that DEVGRU maintains a small number of HH-60 helicopters optimised for CSAR themselves. Normally the majority of aviation requirements are provided by the 160th SOAR, especially in support of ship assaults, which frequently make use of the small MH-6 "Little Bird" (operated exclusively by the 160th).

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