Air Assault

While performing an air assault the soldier must have air assault skills. Air assault is similar to airmobile except the helicopter never lands.

An air assault is used when the landing zone is unsuitable for helicopter landing. The air assault starts with the insertion of a landing zone protection force. When the landing area is secured the main force is called in. Two methods of insertion are used during an air assault. The first one is called repelling. Here the operators use a harnesses attached to the rope to lower themselves. The second one is fast roping. Here the operators slide down the rope using their gloves protected hands alone. When the landing zone is clear and protected heavy equipment, a vehicle, or even supplies are brought in. These are sling loaded under a helicopter with several ropes. Once to the destination it is set on the ground and the ropes are released.


The Air Assault insertion was developed by the US military during the Vietnam War. The difficult landing terrain called for a different landing techniques. The air assault insertion allowed soldiers to land on tree covered terrain. Supplies were brought in sling loaded under helicopters.

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