Airborne Operation

The essence of an airborne operation lies in utilising the Air flank to insert a ground force into battle by air. In terms of their potential for operational and strategic mobility airborne forces are unrivalled offering the scope to insert a combat-ready force-package over long distances in a very short time. Such a force can deploy, and fight across enormous depth to secure a point of entry to a theatre of operations, this acts as an enabler for the follow-on deployment of heavier formations. It can also conduct area interdiction operations and long range raids.

Airborne operations may be launched from the home base to the target area, from a Forward Mounting Base (FMB) for global operations, or from an allied airbase, for an airborne intervention operation within the ARRC setting. An Air Force has to sanitise an air corridor, using force packaged air to protect the insertion of the assault force through hostile air space. Known as composite Air Operations, they utilise the full spectrum of an nations air force, and alliance/coalition aircraft to punch a hole in the enemy’s air defences. This is in order to protect a stream of aircraft carrying the assault force, to and from the target. This force assaults from the air using either parachute, air mobile, or Tactical Air land Operation (TALO), assault. Combat supplies can be readily supplied by airdrop. However the most efficient way in which to build up combat power is by air landing.

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