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Alamo Scouts

Alamo Scouts
A team of Alamo Scouts pose for a photo after completing a reconnaissance mission on Los Negros Island, February 1944.
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Alamo Scouts - insignia

Unit Profile

The Alamo Scouts was a reconnaissance unit for the U.S. Sixth Army in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. They were organised on Fergusson Island, New Guinea, on November 28th, 1943. The primary mission of the unit was to conduct reconnaissance and raider work in the Southwest Pacific Theatre. They were under direct and personal command of then Lieutenant General Walter Krueger, Commanding General of the Sixth U.S. Army.

Kreuger sought to create an all volunteer elite unit consisting of small teams which could operate deep behind enemy lines. Their mission was to gather intelligence and reconnaissance for the Sixth U.S. Army. The unit was so named because of Kreuger's association with San Antonio, Texas and because of his admiration for the defenders of the Alamo.

In its first two years of operation they were credited with the liberation of 197 Allied prisoners in New Guinea. In February of 1945 they provided tactical support for the Sixth Ranger Battallion during their raid of the Cabanatuan Prison Camp. They were also credited with the capture of 84 Japanese prisoners of war.

The Alamo Scouts performed 106 known missions behind enemy lines in the Pacific, mainly in New Guinea and in the Philippines without losing a single man and thus having one of the finest records of any elite unit in World War II.

They were disbanded at Kyoto, Japan, in November 1945.

In 1988, the Alamo Scouts were individually awarded the Special Forces Shoulder Tab in recognition for their services in WWII and are included in the lineage of the current United States Special Forces.


  • Direct action;
  • Strategic reconnaissance;
  • Unconventional warfare;
  • Theatre search and rescue;
  • Activities specified by Government

Raised and Disbanded

  • Raised: November 28th, 1943
  • Disbanded: November 1945


  • McGowen Team
  • Barnes Team
  • Thompson Team
  • Sombar Team
  • Dove Team
  • Hobbs Team
  • Reynolds Team
  • Sumner Team
  • Farkas Team
  • Littlefield Team
  • Lutz Team
  • Nellist Team
  • Rounsaville Team
  • Ileto Team
  • Ouzts Team
  • Derr Team
  • Shirkey Team
  • Hall Team
  • Grimes Team
  • Adkins Team
  • Chanley Team
  • Chalko Team
  • Moon Team
  • Evans Team
  • Farrow Team
  • Fisher Team
  • Roberts Team


  • 138


  • Various


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